Storytelling Sunday: Rabbit


Every Sunday of the month, for Storytelling Sunday, Sian gathers whoever wants to write a post to share a precious thing. You can visit her blog and enjoy everyone's stories. Here is my contribution:

What I'd like to share with you is not the kind of thing you tell complete strangers or everyone. For some, it's a bear, a piece of cloth… For me, it's a rabbit. My Rabbit from since I was a child. 

He's my precious because he's helped me go through many a storm (both literally and figuratively). He was my companion up to the age of 7, he helped me through bereavement, life crises, panic attacks, mice intrusions… He's my rock and my last resort when I'm alone. Of course, I would never choose him over a human being, but when you're alone alone, you need to have something that grounds you back into sanity. He's old and been in the washing machine & the attic a few times, spends most of his time in my cupboard, but he remains special throughout the ages. 

This week, I'll post a review about something very special that happened in my city, here is a preview: 

If you want to know more, come back at the end of next week to find out!

Have a nice Sunday,

Sabrina S.


  1. Oh thank you for sharing your precious. Yes, I think that there are times you just need an old friend to cuddle - glad you still have your rabbit.

  2. Rabbit looks as though he has his feet firmly on the ground and is just the sort of rabbit a person can rely on for comfort.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. He looks like he's been well loved!

  4. He may be old, but hey, he's still got his teeth! Adorable. x

  5. Thank you for letting us share. He certainly is precious..I understand the bit about keeping him in the cupboard. I had to put my Ted out of harm's way in the cupboard because I was reaching out a hand to touch him every time I passed him on the shelf and he was getting worn away.

    A lovely story

  6. So sweet, thanks for sharing! Stuffed toys certainly are precious.

  7. He is so cute, thank you for sharing x

  8. How wonderful for you that you still have a precious from your childhood!

  9. Your rabbit is very cute, for me it is a small dog with droppy ears.