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Heidi Swapp's Capture Life Photo Challenge

Hello, This August, Heidi Swapp issued a new photo challenge: Capture Life . She had just lost her son Cory and as a storyteller and scrapbooker, she encouraged us to celebrate our memories, document our lives, and share our life moments. Because our stories matter. Day#1: Ready. Set. Go. My life revolves around tea and journaling a lot. That's my favorite way to start the day. Day#2:  A fine day to wonder I have so many stories I have to tell about my stays in the US.  Day#3:  Raddest My brother had the best delivery this summer. The cutest bundle of joy! Day#4:  Best ever. I'm the luckiest owner of this tricolor car, Ginger. And she gives the best cuddles EVER! DAY#5: Hello adventure What is better than a camera to capture adventures? This one belonged to my late Grandfather who used to repair vintage ones. He was known among the region's photographers for his gift of saving the unsavable cameras. Day#6:

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