August Break #3

The August Break 2013

Here is my third installment of August Break, a daily photography challenge organized by Susannah Conway. You can find my first week here and my second week there. Again, I had a lot of fun with these prompts as you can see:

 Day 15: Books
I read so many books for schools, I can't even have them all in my apartment, but these past 2 years, I'm loving reading art books. Not just art theory books, but books to MAKE art. 

 Day 16: Floral #1
I picked up these flowers from the farmers' market the other day. I had never seen anything like that before. I think they're called Celosia.

 Day 16: Floral #2

 Day 17: Touch
Trying to love my body more and practice more self-care (and self-love!).

 Day 18: Looking down
These feet were going to some adventure (AND they can't seem to walk without damaging my cute shoes. Damn!)

 Day 19: White.
My favorite kind of white these days. A blank page. Full of promises.

 Day 20: Taste.
I made some changes in my diet. I try to cook more (here: tomato/mozzarella di buffala/goat cheese cake and zucchini crumble). Yummy!

Day 21: Something old #1.
Inside the Grand Théâtre, Bordeaux.

 Day 21: Something Old #2.
Random staircase inside the Grand Théâtre, Bordeaux.
(too bad there was this cardboard thing at the bottom…)

 Day 21: Something old #3.
Outside the Grand Théâtre. Waiting.

I hope you enjoyed this third installment. There will be 2 more installments to go and this project will be over. I will definitely participate again next year as it is a good incentive to go out and take pictures during the summer.

Sabrina S.


  1. Such happy images, Sabrina! Again, you've inspired me to take out my camera and capture little glimpses of my own life. Thank you for sharing the beautiful sunshine of France! Have a happy week. :) Love from Alabama!

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! Enjoy your photo taking and your French classes. Bises, Sab.

  2. A very cool photo of the staircase!!! AND I'm inviting myself to dinner (if ONLY I could....). Love all the energy that is in the way you live right now....impressive!!!! A life being lived in the fullest....