August Break #2


The August Break 2013

Here is my second installment for August Break, a daily photo challenge for the month organized by Susannah Conway. You can find my first week here.

Day 8: Selfie#1
New haircut, new life 

 Day 8: Selfie#2
I had to throw a little smile!

 Day 9: Taste
My Grandpa's red currant is a childhood legend.

 Day 10: Red
There are a few of these delivery things in Bordeaux. So cute!

 Day 11: Play
My 15-min- a day commitment for August: art journaling.
Feels so good to create.

 Day 12: Far away.
Funchal, Island of Madeira, Portugal.
If I could take a plane right now, there's where I would go. Hiking along the coast and taking pictures.

 Day 13: Home.
My art desk. Love it to pieces, however untidy it is. My favorite place to be.

Day 14: Stillness.
There's nothing like taking my journaling out in this park near the lake.

I'll come back with the next installment for August Break next Thursday. I really LOVE this project. 

Sabrina S. 

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