August Break #1

The August Break 2013

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's August Break as it is part of my self-care plan this month. I take my camera out and have fun.
Here is the first week:
Day 1: Breakfast
Could I have possibly taken a lamest shot than that? Nope… Starting is always intimidating, so I just do it as fast as I can. You can definitely tell!

Beads for Day 2: Circles

 Day 3: Yellow
The other part of the self-care plan is to buy flowers regularly.

 Day 4: Love
My Godson, so pretty. He talks now! 

 Day 5: Close-Up
I had already shared it in my last post. The post will be up this weekend. Can't wait. So thought-provoking (the art I'll talk about, not my post!)
Day 6: Diagonals 1
Bordeaux's Grand Theatre looking up

 Day 6: Diagonals 2
Bordeaux's water mirror

Day 7: Skyline

So far, I love this project. Usually, I'm not good with daily things, but so far, so good! I'll be posting my pictures every week in one post, and you can follow me on Instagram.
What are YOU doing this summer for yourself?

Sabrina S.


  1. What a lovely idea -- a self-care summer! Your pictures make me smile, Sabrina, and they also inspire me to get out and about with my own camera more. I'll be adding photography to my list of "self-care" practices, along with running, yoga and (hopefully) French class!

    1. Hi Stephanie, you should definitely do that! Especially learning French! Someday you might be coming, so it might come in handy! I want to go back to running, but I just can't find the motivation.
      xoxo to you, have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy news -- I was accepted into the French class! One step closer to another trip abroad. :) Have a marvelous weekend!

  3. (Hope this isn't a double post -- darn computers!) Happy news -- I was accepted into the French class! I'm now one step closer to another trip abroad. Have a marvelous weekend! :)

    1. Yeah!!! COOOOOOOOOOL! Can't wait to see you make progress. I'm sorry to answer here but I can't have access to your blogger profile, so this is the only way for me to answer ;-(
      2 thumbs up for you Steph'!
      Hip Hip Hourah!

  4. It's great to see some ces morceaux de Bordeaux, les endroits que nous avons visite pendant notre visite il y a trop d'annees....

    1. Bordeaux is crying your name and so am I! Come back anytime!! xoxo