Around here... in words and photos


It's not easy to come back on a regular blogging schedule. When you stop for a long while, it gets more difficult to dare write again… I hope this will soon pass…

Ali Edwards started this "Around here" bloghop, so I thought I might share bits of my life right now…

- Journaling. Me right now during one of favorite rituals: night journaling. A lot has been going on these past few months, so taking the time to settle down and pick up my pen before sleeping has really helped me putting things back into perspective and figuring things out. 

- Taking my feet for more walks this past month. I've venturing out more and exploring my surroundings, and trying to establish more habits outside. I need yet to find a special cafe to go journal as I used to when I was living in Portland, OR.

- Visiting the library. School starts in a week for me in university. I had so much to prepare, I'm learning new skills with online teaching. But I want to learn more, so I can create my original content soon. I've been spending most of my afternoons at the library. I love libraries, especially old ones with book walls!

- Taking Susannah Conway's Unravelling class. It couldn't be a more timely coincidence. My mum offered me part of the class for my birthday, so I participate even more than I usually do. We're half way through and I haven't slacked a single week. I love what this class has made me write and the pictures it made me take. Pure awesomeness! (the class, not what I did!). Here is a collage I made using pictures from magazines that I liked:

Alright, that's it for the little snippets of my life. If you like that kind of things, you can visit Ali's page and read the other participants' entries. As for me, I'll try to be more regular here! I wish you a happy end of weekend.

Sabrina S.


Major paradigm shift: becoming observant

Hello everyone,

Alright, so this summer, I have managed to FINALLY take the time to LOOK at things. To stop. And appreciate. Wow! I have missed out so much on life before! I used to just go through life from one chore to the next and never looking around. The end result of such a way of life is that time passes by super fast and you just don't remember much. But worse, you just don't have much to celebrate! That's the real kill-joy of life! 
I have taken a bunch of classes (special post about it soon!) that have taught me to stop and observe. Then, grab a camera and/or a pen and write down what is going on before my eyes. To be honest, my eyes were really untrained when I first started. I just couldn't see anything "special". But then, when I started really paying attention, I was amazed at the result. Honestly, it's one of the most life changing experiences I've gone through so far. 




Overall, this new paradigm shifts your entire perstective. It has enabled me to welcome A LOT of positivity. It's truly uplifting.

So, here are 2 layouts I made to document this shift in perspective. I told you there would be scrapbooking from time to time. It's one of my favorite way to document my life.
The first one shows a picture from my last bike trip. First time I really tried to stop and notice anything "eye" worthy. I enjoyed typing the journaling on my old typewriter. I used my June 2012 Studio Calico So Cal kit and the design was inspired by Cococricketsmama (a SC member):

The second one was one was inspired by Celine Navarro, using my August Studio Calico Mama's Porch add-on kit. I wanted to celebrate what I love about the summer and I thought these lively colors were just perfect!

The LOs are different in color scheme and techniques but they show my growing awareness of what's going on here.

I'll come back soon with some other interesting stuff. I hope you're having a great day.

Sabrina S.