August Break - Year 3


Let's conclude the summer with a recap of Susannah Conway's August Break. It's my third year in and I still love it. Here were the prompts:

And now here is my contribution:

Day#1: Breakfast

Day#2: Air

In the train to my parents'... Crossing the Champagne region. 

Day#3: Skin

Day#4: 3

Day#5: Citrus

Day#6: Notebook

Took a few classes this summer. I'll review them soon...

Day#7: 5 facts about me

1) Yes. I met the real King Kong, the one in NYC in the Empire State Building. Lucky me!
2) I'm a Cancer, Libra rising, INFP, and maybe Highly Sensitive.
3) I was born on July 4th, I was pre-destined to love the US!
4) I once as a PhD student in American history but I decided against going on once I discovered more about the university system (among other reasons).
5) I am a hydrophobic. Can't swim under water, sorry!

Day#8: Smooth

Nothing is more soothing than the smoothing view of a stretch of water...

Day#9: Earth

We pollute our planet so much, it's indecent.

Day#10: Talisman

This is my Grandma's egg timer. When I was a kid, I would ask her to put it next to me while she would cook them. Now it's in my altar. The timer doesn't work anymore, though. Unfortunately...

Day#11: Edge

This is from Blois's main castle. Loved this diagonal.

Day#12: Yellow

This is a flower I photographed on the island of Madeira, Portugal. 

Day#13: Last Year

Last year, I stood up for myself big time. It was a bold move, but I don't regret anything. Sometimes, you have to break up with people you thought were close to move on.

Day#14: Favorite smell

Peonies. Forever.

Day#15: Art

Tried to take an in-class art class. Didn't like it. I'm not a canvas girl. Plus, nothing is more disagreeable than an art teacher making pseudo-psychological comments on what you make. Back to online classes now!

Day#16: Fire

Day#17: Reading

One of the best books on creativity there is.

Day#18: Looking Up

Day#19: Sweet Delights

Day#20: Two

These two are from Madeira too.

Day#21: Real Life

Sometimes, real life has no glamor.

Day#22: Curves

This is from the entrance of Bordeaux's former stadium. An iconic curve here.

Day#23: Water 

A souvenir from Brittany. 

Day#24: In the distance

Totally took that picture randomly. Saw the view, grabbed my camera in a flash. Had never seen the Statue of the Girondins from that perspective (the columns belong to the city's opera).

Day#25: Green

Day#26: Door

Day#27: Favorite Recipe

(No #28: In my bag)

Day#29: Listening

Day#30: Smile

From 2008.

Day#31: August was...

SWEEEEEET.... It was great being with my family and friends.

I have another photo challenge to share soon!



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