Trees have so much to give....


I just discovered a new challenge called Five-Minute Fridays" (well, this time, it'll be a 10-minute Saturday...) by Kate Motaung. When I saw the prompt "GIVE", I thought it went perfectly well with these pictures I wanted to share.

Learning how to just relax and enjoy life's small pleasures seems to be my #1 struggle. Not working is not natural, but I'm determined to succeed in learning this basic need these days. 
How can we be really good at giving anything to anyone else if we are not really taking care of ourselves first? It's a big lie to think otherwise. Giving is all about balance. A balance between, what you give and what you receive and a balance between yourself and the people around you. That's one of the lessons I'm learning these days. This fall stroll completely brought that point home to me. 
After pushing my body to its limits, I'm realizing that there's no way I can't continue like this without unwinding from time to time. 
With that resolve in mind, my partner and I decided to take one day off a week (like we already should anyway!) and usually, when we're out, we take our cameras along.
I've always wanted to take pictures of falling leaves, the special light of fall, beautiful trees...

There's definitely been something about trees this year for me. I actually need trees, I realize. There's something soothing and calming about their presence. They remind us of the time that passes by, of the rhythms of the seasons, of our natural strength... There is something that remains atemporal with them. These are some of the beautiful gifts they have in store for us, when we just take the time to observe them and pay attention. It's also all about the small details, a pattern, a color, light...

Nature is never the same from one week to the next. It's in constant change and at the same time, everything is still there... It's there for you to come back to, yet, there's usually something slightly different for you to notice.

Sometimes, I can't believe that years can pass by before I actually DO something I've always wanted to do. I visited this place this summer (the Priory of Cayac, where St John of Cospostella pilgrims come and rest on their journeys) and it looks so different on that afternoon with the colors and light of fall. A different place altogether. 

I'll come back soon with additional photo stories. There are so many things to explore in Bordeaux. This city has definitely a lot to give, if only we bothered to have a closer look. Now that I found a partner to share these stories with, it makes going out much more fun than it used to. 

Hope you enjoyed this small post. You can visit Kate's blog to visit other people's contributions.

Sabrina S.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful, we all need to learn how to slow down and enjoy this beautiful world God has given us.