The August Break 2014

Hi everyone,

This year, I decided to do The August Break again, a daily photo challenge by Susannah Conway. My enthusiasm has been renewed and I will definitely do this challenge again next year! The community on Instagram was really awesome and the pictures taken, inspiring. Here was the program for the month:

And here is my take:

Day 1 (travelling): Lunch

Day 2: Pattern

Day 3: Window

Day 4: Orange

Day 5: Three


Day 6: Reflection (by far, my favorite)

Day 7: Today is... about crossing bridges

Day 8: Selfie

Day 9: In my bag

Day 10: Drink

Day 11: Handwriting

Day 12: On the table

Day 13: My guilty pleasure (a little game here and there from the early 1990s on my Gameboy!)

Day 14: Hands

Day 15: Blue

Day 16: Look down

Day 18: Bookshelf

Day 19: Black & White

Day 20: Peaceful

Day 21: Treasures

Day 22: Shadow

Day 23: Adornment

Day 24: Memories
My Grandpa's first wedding. I told the story here.

Day 25: Little

Day 26: Morning

Day 27: Lines

Day 28: Something new

Day 29: Nature

 Day 30: Love

 Day 31: Soft

 Sabrina S.

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