Daring to be creative - new blog direction

Hi everyone,

It's been a while... I needed to rethink what I wanted to do with this blog. I changed its name, as you may have noticed. I had to change names to regain anonymity. It really bothered me that my students could read it. Now, it should be fine. Then, I spent a month trying to use Wordpress, but I just couldn't like it, so I just changed the name of that blog and decided to go on with blogspot. So much easier! Then, I took Blogging from the Heart by Susannah Conway and I did a lot of soul work to decide what I wanted to do with this online space.

Now I have a firmer plan for it but also about how I want to lead my life in general. The soul searching of these past few months led me to this realization: It all boils down to injecting more creativity in my daily life, as well as more balance and self-care. Overall, creatively speaking, I've made progress compared to before, but there's really a lot of room for improvement. I also realized that I, like many people I know, make up so many excuses for not being creative. You know the cult of over-busyness or the "damn, not enough time" one... Let's face it: I'm just too scared to just dare, hence the new name of this blog: 


It encapsulates my new focus. Little by little, step by step, opening up and daring to express what I feel and envision inside. I'm lucky not to suffer from a lack of ideas, but it's more a question of being afraid to be seen and fearing rejection as well as a fear of not being skilled enough. Now, I feel I can go beyond these self-imposed limitations and just give my creativity a serious try and see how things go from there. I have always been boiling with ideas and stories, materializing has rather been my #1 issue. When you were really creative as a child and that your wings were clipped, it takes a lot of soul work and effort to grow them back and reclaim your right to it. 
So here I am today... Daring. Finally!

Sabrina S. 

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  1. I hope your wings re-sprout! I know from your scrapbooking and photography that there has been no let-up in your creative expression, only some down moments. THANKS for the hint that your friends should have a look at your blogspot! Big hugs from the Pacific coast....