Storytelling Sunday: Fall Fair & Flea Market

Hello everyone,

It's been a while, but I wanted to add my little contribution to this month's Storytelling Sunday, a monthly "meet-up" organized by Sian at From High in the Sky, before the link closed down. Don't hesitate to click on the link above to have a good read.

This month, I wanted to share a few pics of some events that are organized every year in Bordeaux during fall. First, we have the fun fair (called Foire des Plaisirs). Our main square is loaded with carousels of all kinds.

Merry-go-rounds have the power to bring me back to my childhood and to make my heart smile instantly. What is not to love in these attractions?

In parallel, we have a huge flea/antique market organized to celebrate the new wine in the Notre-Dame neighborhood, THE place to go for Antiques in Bordeaux. Again, a moment to walk down memory lane as some objects, once treasured, are looking for new hosts or connoisseurs for a second life.

I had never really explored this area before. It is full of little specialized boutiques with a strong accent put on vintage decor.

Of course, I ventured inside some Antique stores. Usually not my favorite as they are excessively expensive and a bit "too much" for me in terms of aesthetics. But still, it proved more interesting than I thought. It felt like wandering inside a museum for the most part. 

All in all, I'll come back next year for another tour of these events and places as I don't think I can get tired of them. Of course, at that time of the year, the weather becomes unpredictable and the sky reveals  different shades of light in the same afternoon. It feels like between in different places at different moments.

Hope all is well. I'll come back very soon...

Sabrina S.


  1. Hi Sabrina. It's to see you back. I really enjoyed my wander through the shops and the fair with you today. Your striking pictures made it easy to get a real feel for what it's like. Thank you

  2. Bonjour, Sabrina. Welcome back and thank you for sharing these lovely pictures! I loved taking a vicarious stroll through the fair and shops. I especially liked the photo of the piano and music -- it reminded me of going to my grandmother's house. :)

    Because of mon cours d'francais, I've been toying with the idea of a trip to France for a while now. Thank you for the renewed inspiration to make my dream a reality!

    Au revoir!

  3. Oh I love antique stores. Your pictures make the places look very inviting.

  4. Such beautiful photos - I'm afraid you caused a little tantrum as I stamped my feet and said I want to go there now! Thank you for inviting us in to your day.

  5. Oh, what a awesome place, and great photos. Take me with you next time! :-)

  6. What beautiful photos! The one of the piano is wonderful ... I almost feel like I'm there :-)