Storytelling Sunday: the farmers' market

Hello Lovelies,

Today is the first Sunday of the month and Sian (at From High in the Sky) invites us to share our precious things as part of the Storytelling Sunday challenge. You can sit comfortably and go check the other contributions, they're worth reading!

I didn't prepare anything in advance for this edition, so I let my mind wander all morning about what to write about. Instead of sharing a precious object, like I usually do, I rather decided to write about something I like doing. More precisely, something I decided to do again this summer: go to the farmers' market every Sunday.

When I went this morning, writing about it became obvious for 2 reasons. First, this summer, I decided to implement a series of important changes. Improving my diet by cooking again and eating healthy food was one of them. So far, so good… (not that it helped lose any weight yet, unfortunately…)

Secondly, I have been suffering from extreme tendinitis these past few weeks, so I had to reduce my wanderings outside. The pain has receded enough now to finally allow me to enjoy a morning of strolling outside without walking painfully like an elderly lady whose cane has just been robbed. 

Beyond the healthy and tasty food that I'll be able to prepare all week, I love immersing myself in the sensory experience of walking down the aisles, looking at all the colors, listening to people talk, smelling the different foods being cooked, all the love that is being spread on the tables, the resulting products we'll enjoy and that someone made for us…

Different cultures and traditions are being represented, and it feels like a jump back into tradition to talk to the truck farmers, fishermen, and others who love their produce and products with such passion and dedication. 

We are all aware of what is being shared: quality. We have a special word in French: "terroir" (it refers to the special quality of the country, its rural land). Each region has its own specialties.

(In case you're wondering: yes, they sell snails. Not ANY snails. Snails cooked "à la bordelaise"(from Bordeaux)! I didn't take any. I'm more of a Christmasy kind of snail person…) 

To me, this weekly outing feels different. People look and sound different. It gives me the feeling of being on vacation, even though I may not be. I enjoy it even more as I was brought up in a very poor environment. Not money-wise, but experience-wise. I was brought up with frozen food and quick macaroni and cheese (and their delicious lumps). Sensory experience, taste, food made with love were not the order of the day. That's why, this experience feels so meaningful to me. It makes me feel like I'm at least making progress in one important area of my life, that I'm not following bad examples, that I'm breaking away in my practices with what I've been shown. 

We even had the honor of having Chris Paulson, from San Francisco, who comes to the South West of France every year to give impromptu street concerts. Awesome!!! What else could we want out of life? Californians will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sabrina S.


  1. Thank you for sharing your market wander with us. That does feel very special indeed.

  2. Oh how I loved taking this journey with you - vicariously, of course, but I felt like I was right there. The pictures made me smile and it was as if I could smell the bread and taste that fresh juice. Thank you for sharing this lovely day and all of your lovely photos. Have a wonderful week!

  3. What a beautiful market. It almost tempts me to go into the market here, almost but not quite yet. I still cannot go out of the door without someone with me. Soon, though just to go to the market

  4. I'm delighted to hear that your pain has receded enough to let you out and about and able to take these lovely pictures. They conjure up a trip to the market perfectly! Thank you for giving us a taste of your trip today

  5. I can see how precious wandering around the market is. many thanks for sharing x

  6. I love farmers' markets... The food and produce available is only one part of the appeal, the atmosphere and buzz around the place is what makes it magic! Thanks for sharing - you've made me want to go visit my closest farmers' market soon!

  7. I love farmers markets too and we have them often in my area. I agree with all your reasons for loving it but also for the homemade cakes often on offer!

  8. Such a wonderful story, I closed my eyes and could hear and smell the French markets I used to visit :) x

  9. Your Farmer's Market Looks lovely. I remember taking you to the El Cerrito Farmer's Market when you were in California!

    1. I remember it too! The best market memory I have! xoxo from Bordeaux