Storytelling Sunday: my little white desk


Today's Storytelling Sunday at Sian's. So grab a cup of something and head to her blog to read other people's contributions. Here's mine:

My little precious thing today is a piece of furniture that means a lot to me. I was putting away a stack of photos when I came across that old picture (circa 1985). My story will be short and is about this little white desk that I had at my grandparents'. It was old and the white paint was wearing off, but I have so many memories with this desk. It is where my first stamping, cutting & pasting, writing happened. I hope my children (the ones I don't have yet ;-)) will get to use it too. It belonged to the children of my grandparents, so it's been through a few hands. But I'm definitely the one who spent most of her time on it.

Do you have any piece of furniture from your childhood that has a special meaning to you? If you want to contribute to Storytelling Sunday or read other stories, please head to Sian's blog.

Sabrina S.