Storytelling Sunday: the 2CV

Hello everyone,

Today's the first day of the month and Sian holds her regular Storytelling Sunday where we get to share our favorite stories. 2013's theme is our precious things. Since last week, I reconnected with a very pleasing memory from my childhood, I thought I'd share that story with you.

From 1948 to 1990, Citroën (the French car manufacturer) produced one of the most mythical cars in our country: the 2CV, or deudeuche (one of its many nicknames). The point of this car was to be small, affordable, simple, and easy to maintain to make it popular among low income, rural people. It took a few decades for it to become successful, but over time, it became a symbol. Those driving it expressed a rejection of a society of mass production. The 2CV proved to become more than a cheap car, it was the symbol of an era, of a way of life, of a generation rising against the conformism of the 50s. 

When I was a kid, my uncle had two successive deudeuches. A khaki one which smelled strongly of leather. And later, a purple van one. We used to go for walks in the forest together and I'd love to get in that car. This car just put a huge smile on my face every time during the whole trip. And it still does. The way it operated with its manual 3-gear gearbox, its unique engine sound, its loud, funny indicators, and cool headlights made the whole thing special. It was nothing like any other car I knew. It was rudimentary, for sure, but I fell in love with its vintage look. Its design is candy for the eyes. How to resist it? It's not just a car, it's a whole experience. 

Today, many clubs have emerged to maintain the myth of this wonderful car. There are rallies and processions organized from time to time. Last week, I had the pleasure to reconnect with that experience. Chris, my Auntie's boyfriend, a 2CV aficionado from the Deuch des Gaves Réunis, a local 2CV club in South-West France, very kindly proposed to drive me to the train station in his car. He kindly allowed me to share these pictures of his car. I thought the car was bigger than that in the inside (I guess, I grew up!). 

All I can wish for my Auntie and her sweetheart is a long and mythical love story, as successful as the 2CV has been. They both deserve a smooth, not too bumpy, ride to happiness. Love you guys and thank you again for this special treat. You made the little girl in me happy.

Sabrina S.


My Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hello Lovelies,
The wonderful Wendy Poling, a mixed media artist I deeply love, has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. What a surprise and pleasure to start the new year and to celebrate my ONE-year anniversary as a (not-always-that-regular) blogger! Thank you Wendy, you made my day! Such a great idea to express gratitude and love for the great content we all create, connect with like-minded souls, and discover new bloggers.
Here are the rules for accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:
1.  Display the award logo on your blog.        
2.  Link back to the person who nominated you.      
3.  State 7 things about yourself. (see below)
4.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them. (see below)
5.  Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.     

So, here it is:
7 things about me:
1) I have a birthmark on my upper right thigh. It's the same color as my skin, but I should never hurt it, or the pain stays forever. It looks more like a burn than anything else. When I was young, I used to hate it and feel super self-conscious about it, but now, I really love this little quirk of mine. I wouldn't get rid of it for anything. 
2) I looooove listening to Richard Marx, Bon Jovi and Chrismas songs. Yep, I'm finally doing my coming out about this. There's no reason why I do, but I can't get tired of "All I Want for Chrismas is You" or "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town". I have to sing (and DANCE, if I'm in the mood). Bon Jovi has taught to stop articulating when I speak in English; I'm just in love with the Jersey accent. So sexy… As for Richard… Well, his voice just melts my heart. What can I say? 
3) My favorite thing to eat when I fly to the US is… pancakes. Again, I don't really know why, but I can walk miles to go to a good pancake place. 
4) I'd rather eat a bar of dark chocolate than run for a mile. Yeah, I'm reaching the age when it's time to think about reverting that! Sometime this year… I know "sometime" is not a day of the week, but you know how it goes...
5) My favorite writer is Ian MacEwan. I love that I can FEEL everything he writes about. He has definitely deepened my approach to reading. He knows how to incorporate your body into the experience of reading. It's just remarkable.
6) I love nurturing people. I love touching and massaging my loved ones. My words are not enough. My hands also want to be part of the experience of connecting.
7) I spent a year in London and a year in Portland, Oregon. Best years of my life! I wished I had thought of grabbing a camera more, but I loved what I learned there. We should all take a year off to travel the world and meet people from other cultures.

My nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are (in no order):
Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy these blogs, if you've never visited them:
1) I love Sara Blackthorne from A Forest of Stories. I took a journaling class from her and since then, I'm hooked. 
2) I also love Wendy Brightbill from A Girl with a Brush. She teaches classes and has helped me take it easy with just grabbing a brush and putting some paint to the page. 
3) Bonita Rose's work is always candy for the eyes. Bonita just moved to a beach house and her pictures are just gorgeous! Lucky her!
4) I love Miss Smith's scrapbooking style and pictures at Curiouser and Curiouser
5) I also regularly read Dryada Journals by Lindsay Drya. She wrote an awesome guest post for me back in May. Lindsay tries her hands at everything she can, and the result is always stunning.
6) Sian from From High in the Sky is another regular stop for me. She too wrote a kick-ass blog post in 2012 for me. I love people who have many talents and Sian definitely is one of them. Don't forget to participate to Storytelling Sunday this coming Sunday. I know I will! You can read my contributions here.
7) I am a regular follower of Emmanuelle's scrapbooking adventures at Les Petits Plaisirs d'Emma. My mission is also to introduce you to fellow French talents! And Emma is a good stop!

8) I'll take you next to Kendra Kantor's Like a Bird's blog. Kendra offers interesting insights into moving through the meanders of life using art and writing. I feel close to her and the way she proceeds. Reading her motivates me to keep going.

9) My next stop is Lynley J. Her photography skills really inspire me to become a better photographer. Lynley knows how to speak to my eyes. You'll love her!

10) Mumkaa is another regular inspiration to me. Her scrapbooking/mixed media style is truly unique and always inspires me to become freer and dare more with colors and textures.

11) Another fellow French gal I like is Novalen at Nos Aventures Ordinaires. I like that she shares many different things on her blog (make-up, travels, cooking, sewing projects…). I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago through a scrapboking place we went to, so I like reading about what she's doing.

12) My last French stop will be France Papillon from Papillon sur la branche. I'm a newbie in mixed media, so France has all the inspiration I need. Her use of colors and textures are my favorite!

13) Your Muse is Calling is another regular stop (the site in undergoing maintenance these days, so it might take a while before it becomes accessible again).

14) Hope Wallace Karney at Bessottment shows many wonderful projects that I love following. I love that she mixes all vintage paper findings with modern things. A pure pleasure for the eyes!

15) Last but not least, Caiti from Life is a Canvas. She has very interesting ideas to share about processing things. Of course, she's extremely talented at what she does and I just love her style.

Voilà! It was a long but well-deserved post about my most inspiring folks. I hope you'll love them as much as I do.

Sabrina S.


Happy New Year!!! & My One Little Word

Hello everyone!

Hoped you celebrated the coming of this new year. I'm more than happy that 2012 is over as it was a difficult year. I'm sure that 2013 is going to be better. I can feel it!
Like many of my fellow scrapbookers, I have decided to choose one word for this new year. I registered to Ali Edwards, One Little Word class. My word for this year will be 


I have a ton of healing to do. For myself obviously, but with and for others as well. I'm working through the prompts and will be sharing visual things later this month when things unfold. But for now, I just want to sit with my word and let it percolate and resonate in my heart and soul for a while. Taking the time… I bought myself a mantra necklace this year made by Liz Lamoureux to keep my word close to my heart. I want to commit to it, so I wanted to see it somewhere. Can't wait to receive it!
I'll come back very regularly in the upcoming weeks as I want to wrap up things from 2012 and I have a few cool things to share as well.
As I start this new year, all I can say is THANK YOU all for your sweet comments and presence. My blog will be one year next week, and I've never thought I'd go that far, and it's only the beginning! There's more to come, I know.

Sabrina S.