Storytelling Sunday: Fall Fair & Flea Market

Hello everyone,

It's been a while, but I wanted to add my little contribution to this month's Storytelling Sunday, a monthly "meet-up" organized by Sian at From High in the Sky, before the link closed down. Don't hesitate to click on the link above to have a good read.

This month, I wanted to share a few pics of some events that are organized every year in Bordeaux during fall. First, we have the fun fair (called Foire des Plaisirs). Our main square is loaded with carousels of all kinds.

Merry-go-rounds have the power to bring me back to my childhood and to make my heart smile instantly. What is not to love in these attractions?

In parallel, we have a huge flea/antique market organized to celebrate the new wine in the Notre-Dame neighborhood, THE place to go for Antiques in Bordeaux. Again, a moment to walk down memory lane as some objects, once treasured, are looking for new hosts or connoisseurs for a second life.

I had never really explored this area before. It is full of little specialized boutiques with a strong accent put on vintage decor.

Of course, I ventured inside some Antique stores. Usually not my favorite as they are excessively expensive and a bit "too much" for me in terms of aesthetics. But still, it proved more interesting than I thought. It felt like wandering inside a museum for the most part. 

All in all, I'll come back next year for another tour of these events and places as I don't think I can get tired of them. Of course, at that time of the year, the weather becomes unpredictable and the sky reveals  different shades of light in the same afternoon. It feels like between in different places at different moments.

Hope all is well. I'll come back very soon...

Sabrina S.


Storytelling Sunday: the farmers' market

Hello Lovelies,

Today is the first Sunday of the month and Sian (at From High in the Sky) invites us to share our precious things as part of the Storytelling Sunday challenge. You can sit comfortably and go check the other contributions, they're worth reading!

I didn't prepare anything in advance for this edition, so I let my mind wander all morning about what to write about. Instead of sharing a precious object, like I usually do, I rather decided to write about something I like doing. More precisely, something I decided to do again this summer: go to the farmers' market every Sunday.

When I went this morning, writing about it became obvious for 2 reasons. First, this summer, I decided to implement a series of important changes. Improving my diet by cooking again and eating healthy food was one of them. So far, so good… (not that it helped lose any weight yet, unfortunately…)

Secondly, I have been suffering from extreme tendinitis these past few weeks, so I had to reduce my wanderings outside. The pain has receded enough now to finally allow me to enjoy a morning of strolling outside without walking painfully like an elderly lady whose cane has just been robbed. 

Beyond the healthy and tasty food that I'll be able to prepare all week, I love immersing myself in the sensory experience of walking down the aisles, looking at all the colors, listening to people talk, smelling the different foods being cooked, all the love that is being spread on the tables, the resulting products we'll enjoy and that someone made for us…

Different cultures and traditions are being represented, and it feels like a jump back into tradition to talk to the truck farmers, fishermen, and others who love their produce and products with such passion and dedication. 

We are all aware of what is being shared: quality. We have a special word in French: "terroir" (it refers to the special quality of the country, its rural land). Each region has its own specialties.

(In case you're wondering: yes, they sell snails. Not ANY snails. Snails cooked "à la bordelaise"(from Bordeaux)! I didn't take any. I'm more of a Christmasy kind of snail person…) 

To me, this weekly outing feels different. People look and sound different. It gives me the feeling of being on vacation, even though I may not be. I enjoy it even more as I was brought up in a very poor environment. Not money-wise, but experience-wise. I was brought up with frozen food and quick macaroni and cheese (and their delicious lumps). Sensory experience, taste, food made with love were not the order of the day. That's why, this experience feels so meaningful to me. It makes me feel like I'm at least making progress in one important area of my life, that I'm not following bad examples, that I'm breaking away in my practices with what I've been shown. 

We even had the honor of having Chris Paulson, from San Francisco, who comes to the South West of France every year to give impromptu street concerts. Awesome!!! What else could we want out of life? Californians will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sabrina S.


August Break #4

Hello Lovelies,
The August Break 2013

Here is my 4th installment of August Break, a daily photography challenge organized by Susannah Conway. Here are Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. 

Day 22: Midday. 
A bit of journaling before lunch…

Day 23: Sacred
Inside St Peter's Church, Bordeaux.

Day 24: Hear
Most days are silent with a little bit of Ella Fitzgerald thrown in.

Day 25: Sunday morning.
I love going to the farmers' market. I changed my diet and try to eat better.

Day 26: YES
Decided to dive head first into mixed media and to register to this class by Danielle Daniel. I'm too shy to show what I'm doing right now, but one day, I'll dare. I used to draw little girls when I was young. I'd like to try again, but differently.

Day 27: Number
My apartment number. Love this place to pieces.

Day 28: Smell
This is my go-to when I feel low. An absolute delight. 

I'll come back soon for other posts. There are only 3 pictures left and this project will be over. I absolutely loved it. I might try to find another project. We'll see!
A big thank you for comments, they always brighten my day! Don't hesitate to link to your blog, so I can see what you're up to!

Sabrina S.


August Break #3

The August Break 2013

Here is my third installment of August Break, a daily photography challenge organized by Susannah Conway. You can find my first week here and my second week there. Again, I had a lot of fun with these prompts as you can see:

 Day 15: Books
I read so many books for schools, I can't even have them all in my apartment, but these past 2 years, I'm loving reading art books. Not just art theory books, but books to MAKE art. 

 Day 16: Floral #1
I picked up these flowers from the farmers' market the other day. I had never seen anything like that before. I think they're called Celosia.

 Day 16: Floral #2

 Day 17: Touch
Trying to love my body more and practice more self-care (and self-love!).

 Day 18: Looking down
These feet were going to some adventure (AND they can't seem to walk without damaging my cute shoes. Damn!)

 Day 19: White.
My favorite kind of white these days. A blank page. Full of promises.

 Day 20: Taste.
I made some changes in my diet. I try to cook more (here: tomato/mozzarella di buffala/goat cheese cake and zucchini crumble). Yummy!

Day 21: Something old #1.
Inside the Grand Théâtre, Bordeaux.

 Day 21: Something Old #2.
Random staircase inside the Grand Théâtre, Bordeaux.
(too bad there was this cardboard thing at the bottom…)

 Day 21: Something old #3.
Outside the Grand Théâtre. Waiting.

I hope you enjoyed this third installment. There will be 2 more installments to go and this project will be over. I will definitely participate again next year as it is a good incentive to go out and take pictures during the summer.

Sabrina S.


August Break #2


The August Break 2013

Here is my second installment for August Break, a daily photo challenge for the month organized by Susannah Conway. You can find my first week here.

Day 8: Selfie#1
New haircut, new life 

 Day 8: Selfie#2
I had to throw a little smile!

 Day 9: Taste
My Grandpa's red currant is a childhood legend.

 Day 10: Red
There are a few of these delivery things in Bordeaux. So cute!

 Day 11: Play
My 15-min- a day commitment for August: art journaling.
Feels so good to create.

 Day 12: Far away.
Funchal, Island of Madeira, Portugal.
If I could take a plane right now, there's where I would go. Hiking along the coast and taking pictures.

 Day 13: Home.
My art desk. Love it to pieces, however untidy it is. My favorite place to be.

Day 14: Stillness.
There's nothing like taking my journaling out in this park near the lake.

I'll come back with the next installment for August Break next Thursday. I really LOVE this project. 

Sabrina S. 


Jaume Plensa in Bordeaux (part 2 of 2)


Here is the second part of Jaume Plensa's exhibition. 

Marianna & Awilda can be found inside the city hall courtyard. Made out of stainless steel mesh, they invite us to a silent conversation. Transparency reveals the pure beauty of man as much as it may hint to man's inherent fragile mind, dreams, and aspirations:

"Silence is desire, dream, aspiration, something so unknown and inaccessible that we can only imagine it. We talk a lot about silence: a silent house, the calmness and silence of a landscape, the silence of a hospital or a church, the silence of the night. However, the silence of these examples is not real. Our silence is a whisper?
Whispers like bridges between the sound and the silence between what we know and what we want.
As soon as everything is calm and silent, when we believe that we have reached the silence, we discover something which interrupts, something as close and familiar as our own body. Our noisy body.
For William Blake, "One thought fills immensity." Maybe a thought is only another whisper of our body, and our body is another whisper of life.
I invite you to listen to these whispers.
I invite you to imagine what silence is."
Jaume Plensa (Pistoia, 1997)

House of Knowledge is to be found at the Place de la Bourse, one of the most impressive architectural hotspots in Bordeaux. Here, the sculpture is huge, open, people are invited inside, can sit and appreciate the void it offers for contemplation.  Letters are welded together to form this faceless shape which looks out in the direction of the new bridge, the Chaban-Delmas Bridge that was inaugurated a few months ago, as a way to contemplate the expansion of the city.

"All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire
But my heart is exclusively my own."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

With Silent Music II (Place St Pierre), we see a figure in a foetal position composed of notes. Music is a universal language, transcending the limits of languages and cultures, a bridge between peoples.

To finish, Ainsa II is to be found Place de la Comédie and shows a male figure in a meditative pose with symbols composing his shape. Again, we see Plensa's preoccupation with the question of language, but this time, with letters reduced to mere symbols, shapes that can be arranged at a different level than the usual order of language. Again, we transcend the limits of national language to reach a higher, universal plane.

By now, you probably have a hunch that all of these art installations are in direct contact and dialogue with the city and its inhabitants, one of the trademarks of Jaume Plensa. 

I hope you have enjoyed this exhibition. Thank you so much, Jaume Plensa. Your art has struck a chord in many people here.

Sabrina S.