Weekend Inspiration #2: Lindsay Drya


Today is the second installment of Weekend Inspiration and I'm very honored to welcome a blog post from an artist that I discovered a few months ago and that I really love. Lindsay Drya is a Belgian writer, mixed-media artist, and photographer. She's an artist of many talents, each one of her posts is sure to surprise you. You can find writing, photography, painting, drawing, and many other things. You can find her on her blog, Dryada Journals. All the artwork included in this post are hers. Lucky us! 

Daily dream journaling
Hello sweeties,

Today I wanted to talk about my writing experience which I have since 2007: journaling my dreams. I get up, try to remember what I dreamed of and write it down. Now, for some this would not be a daily practice since not everyone can remember their dreams very often, but I do. Even more: my average is 5-6 dreams a night.
The first years it was much fun. I wanted to learn lucid dreaming and remembering dreams is the first practice to reach that goal. Remembering was easy peasy for me but writing… no way! I’ve tried it when I was 14 years old… 16 years old and at my third try, I finally had the discipline to continue with it. How much I love writing, writing dreams was very hard for me. On the other hand, I knew this was important for me, to learn lucid dreaming but also for my inner wisdom: Dreams reveal a lot about yourself, even (No, mostly) things you don’t wish to see or try to hide.
The more I was journaling my dreams, the more my subconscious showed me gratitude. I started to dream about artworks, poetry, photography… I even had precognitive dreams! Like my mind tried to tell me: “Don’t. Stop. Writing. This is way too important!” And so I didn’t.  Instead of quitting (I had a lot of these moments you know) I decided to work with my dreams. 
For example:
Poems and images I saw in my dreams, I used in my final project in High school.
After many dreams of macro photography, I bought a macro camera.

I started art journaling after I saw art journal pages in hypnagogia. (hallucinations before falling asleep)

I painted 30 dreams in a row for a painting which was exposed at the art gallery at the International Dream Conference.

Another idea in hypnagogia I’ve used in my art performance last month.

~ I write haiku’s and 6 words stories weekly based on what I’ve dreamed that night.

And so on.
I truly believe dreams can not only reveal a lot about yourself but also give you lots of inspiration. Soon or later, muses enter your dreams to show you some juicy stuff to work with.

Did you ever experienced something like this? Did you create art based on dreams? Maybe you had a dream last night you wish to share with us?


Lindsay Drya is a writer, photographer and mixed media artist who journal her (night) dreams every day. Besides being a blog addict, she tries to live her life in a creative organic way in which she hope to inspire people with her art. Spirituality is essential in her life for it is her goal to live and love life unconditional.

You can find Lindsay Drya here:
Other links you can find at http://about.me/lindsaydrya

A huge thank you Lindsay for this awesome blog post. Have all a very nice weekend.

Sabrina S.


  1. I enjoyed this post very much! I, too, have had a period that I wrote my dreams down (long time ago!) and without knowing how to call it then, I experienced lucid dreaming. I could go on and on about my dreams - I do dream a lot but I don't use those in my artwork. I love the work Lindsay makes and her poems are magically beatiful!

  2. I love reading this post as well as Lindsay's blog. I have been keeping a dream diary for a year now, it was all writing and scribbles. She inspires me to journal about dreams and I like to try it. Hugs.