Guest post!!

Hi everyone,

A month ago, it was my 1-month blog anniversary and on that day, I received an invitation to write a guest post for Mari L. McCarthy's blog CREATEWRITENOW. My blog post is here

I was truly ecstatic. I was already thinking about writing posts that were not answers to prompts, but I wasn't sure I should. So Mari's invitation was just the right boost at the right time. Thanks again Mari!
Julia Cameron once said that once you start walking on the right path to who you want to become, the universe would listen and offer opportunities. When I first read that, it made me laugh in a "yeah right" kind of way. Now, I'm starting to feel it's true. These past 2 months have offered me countless opportunities to grow and increase my capacity to write, it's incredible.
My blogging is limited these days, my internet connexion is down. I can't wait to have it back! I have tons to blog about!!!

Sabrina S.


Storytelling Sunday #1: Rotheneuf


Since writing has been back on my priority list for this year, I finally decided to participate to Sian's Storytelling Sunday, a challenge I've been reading about for a while. To quote her:
"On the first Sunday of every month I'll be celebrating Storytelling Sunday with a tale or two. And you are most cordially invited to join me! Let's leave the crafting for a day, and sit round the fire and spin a yarn. Maybe you have a special memory, a story from years ago, a family legend..let's hear them all."

So, for my first participation in this monthly challenge, I thought I would take you along with me to a special place I visited in 2009. Ready?

Let’s turn back the hands of time to the nineteenth century and follow the footsteps of our main character: Adolphe Fouré (1839-1910), a priest from Rennes, Brittany, France. He led a peaceful and ambitious career in the Church until the age of 55 when he suffered a stroke which left him dumb and deaf. He couldn’t pursue his career, so he left for Rotheneuf, near St-Malo (30 min. away from Rennes) to retire.
He had always been a contemplative soul, so his numerous wanderings led him to the sea where he spent an enormous amount of time. 

Slowly, his favorite spot started being peopled with imaginary creatures.

From 1894 to 1907, he grabbed the most rudimentary tools he had and his limited artistic knowledge to carve out scenes and characters on the rocks, defying waves, winds, and sea spray.

He sculpted more than 300 strange characters on these rocks. These creatures are taken from local folklore and legends as well as the history of his time.

This large rock "garden" stages pirates and noblemen as well as hellish creatures and animals.

It is still possible to visit this special place, though the sculptures are slowly but surely fading due to the erosion of time, sea spray, and water streaming. As you can see, his inspiration was varied and the expression of his art, surprising and quite astonishing given his very limited tools.   

What an extraordinary walk through someone's imaginative world! I love raw art and the spontaneous expression of human genius.
I hope you liked the journey. What about YOU? What story do you have to share?
If you have one, don’t hesitate to blog it and link it back to Sian’s blog.

Personally, I loved this first participation. I didn’t have time at all today, so I had to whip it up really fast (so, sorry for the potential grammatical mistakes...).

Sabrina S.