Heidi Swapp's Capture Life Photo Challenge


This August, Heidi Swapp issued a new photo challenge: Capture Life. She had just lost her son Cory and as a storyteller and scrapbooker, she encouraged us to celebrate our memories, document our lives, and share our life moments. Because our stories matter.

Day#1: Ready. Set. Go.

My life revolves around tea and journaling a lot. That's my favorite way to start the day.

Day#2: A fine day to wonder

I have so many stories I have to tell about my stays in the US. 

Day#3: Raddest

My brother had the best delivery this summer. The cutest bundle of joy!

Day#4: Best ever.

I'm the luckiest owner of this tricolor car, Ginger. And she gives the best cuddles EVER!

DAY#5: Hello adventure

What is better than a camera to capture adventures? This one belonged to my late Grandfather who used to repair vintage ones. He was known among the region's photographers for his gift of saving the unsavable cameras.

Day#6: Lucky

Why did it take me so long to realize that I was lucky to have you as family?

Day#7: Prepare to be amazed

Taken from my parents' garden. Nature's wonders...

Day#8: Relax

I love the space my parents arranged in their garden. So prone to peace, relaxation, and intimate conversations...

Day#9: Be bright

This is my maternal grand-mother, Suzy. She's been the sun of my life since I was born. It's all in her eyes. 

Day#10: Like never before 

I'm proud of my Bro. He's a father now and can still goof around. 

Day#11: Today was all about... getting caught up!

Day#12: Fun

11 years ago I met so many creative people when I first arrived in Bdx.

Day#13: And just like that...

7 years ago, I finally visited the Brooklyn Bridge, one of my dreams...

Day#14: Dreaming

My art desk. This is where I like dreaming...

Day#15: Reality check

Several times in the year, I get so caught up with work that I forget sorting out my magazines. And everything just piles up....

Day#16: Perfect day

That hike in the island of Madeira in 2008.

Day#17: Epic

What could be more epic than strolling in NYC's Central Park like it's normal?

Day#18: My one and only

My Mum. Inimitable.

Day#19: Simply... adorable. Isn't she?

Day#20: Enjoy today

Sometimes, awesome vessels stop in Bdx, like the Hermione.

Day#21: welcome to the weekend

Day#22: Watch out world!

Ginger has her eyes on you all!

Day#23: Selfie

Day#24: The good stuff

Flow Magazine, my favorite mag ever to read and then to cut up for collage. Plus, I can read the International and French editions! Who gets luckier than that?

Day#25: Don't mind if I do...

I may have a slight soap addiction. I buy one in every single trip I go BUT I use them one after the other. It could be worse, I could hoard them!

Day#26: Shine

Louis XII's emblem: the Porcupine. 

Day#27: Having the best time

Whenever the ocean is involved...

Day#28: Yes to ... more adventure!

I really miss traveling...

Day#29: Hello love

Day#30: Note to self

Never to forget to take time for yourself. No matter what.

Hoped you loved this challenge. I sure did! Someday I'll create a Project Life with all of these pictures...

Sabrina S.


August Break - Year 3


Let's conclude the summer with a recap of Susannah Conway's August Break. It's my third year in and I still love it. Here were the prompts:

And now here is my contribution:

Day#1: Breakfast

Day#2: Air

In the train to my parents'... Crossing the Champagne region. 

Day#3: Skin

Day#4: 3

Day#5: Citrus

Day#6: Notebook

Took a few classes this summer. I'll review them soon...

Day#7: 5 facts about me

1) Yes. I met the real King Kong, the one in NYC in the Empire State Building. Lucky me!
2) I'm a Cancer, Libra rising, INFP, and maybe Highly Sensitive.
3) I was born on July 4th, I was pre-destined to love the US!
4) I once as a PhD student in American history but I decided against going on once I discovered more about the university system (among other reasons).
5) I am a hydrophobic. Can't swim under water, sorry!

Day#8: Smooth

Nothing is more soothing than the smoothing view of a stretch of water...

Day#9: Earth

We pollute our planet so much, it's indecent.

Day#10: Talisman

This is my Grandma's egg timer. When I was a kid, I would ask her to put it next to me while she would cook them. Now it's in my altar. The timer doesn't work anymore, though. Unfortunately...

Day#11: Edge

This is from Blois's main castle. Loved this diagonal.

Day#12: Yellow

This is a flower I photographed on the island of Madeira, Portugal. 

Day#13: Last Year

Last year, I stood up for myself big time. It was a bold move, but I don't regret anything. Sometimes, you have to break up with people you thought were close to move on.

Day#14: Favorite smell

Peonies. Forever.

Day#15: Art

Tried to take an in-class art class. Didn't like it. I'm not a canvas girl. Plus, nothing is more disagreeable than an art teacher making pseudo-psychological comments on what you make. Back to online classes now!

Day#16: Fire

Day#17: Reading

One of the best books on creativity there is.

Day#18: Looking Up

Day#19: Sweet Delights

Day#20: Two

These two are from Madeira too.

Day#21: Real Life

Sometimes, real life has no glamor.

Day#22: Curves

This is from the entrance of Bordeaux's former stadium. An iconic curve here.

Day#23: Water 

A souvenir from Brittany. 

Day#24: In the distance

Totally took that picture randomly. Saw the view, grabbed my camera in a flash. Had never seen the Statue of the Girondins from that perspective (the columns belong to the city's opera).

Day#25: Green

Day#26: Door

Day#27: Favorite Recipe

(No #28: In my bag)

Day#29: Listening

Day#30: Smile

From 2008.

Day#31: August was...

SWEEEEEET.... It was great being with my family and friends.

I have another photo challenge to share soon!