Currently - August



Listening to... a lot of podcasts. My absolute favorite is: Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons. Pure magic! I can't wait for her new book to come out. Her insights are really good. 

Reading... the latest issue of Art Journaling Magazine. As always, a pure delight and great way to discover new artists.

Eating... a lot better than I used to. I might try fasting soon. Just one evening a week first with apples and then, 3 or 4 days before school starts to reboot my body before the new school year starts.

Drinking... cold tea, and especially Dammann Frères green teas (anything they do is absolutely gorgeous). When it's scorching hot outside, nothing beats iced tea. 

Wearing... all variations of this dress from H&M (sorry, I didn't find it on the US website). I bought all the colors (something I never do), but it"s so classy and comfy, it was the perfect summer companion for me this year.

Feeling... grateful to have become a cat mummy to Miss Ginger, she's such a cool and easy cat! 

Weather... The heat wave is finally over. We can finally breathe and stop sweating like hell!

Wanting... even more time out. This year, I'm really enjoying being on vacation. I've never stopped working during my previous vacations. I just couldn't unplug from work for years. Now that I've successfully unplugged for the first time in my life, I can't seem to plug back in. I'll have to eventually, but I'm savoring the last days of break...

Needing... a better daily routine. I've improved my diet and creative routine, I now need to tackle sleep and exercise. Not a small feat!

Thinking...  about going on a retreat next year. Abroad, if possible. An art retreat would be ideal. If you have any ideas to suggest in the comments, please, do so. 

Enjoying... a few excellent journaling classes and photo challenges (you can follow me on Instagram for that part). I'll post a review of each one of them when I'm done. Among them, there is The 30-Day Journal Project by Lisa Sonora Beam, Tarot Memoirs by Vanessa Sage,  30 Days of Writing: Write Yourself Alive, and others that I'll mention later in September as I have still a lot of work on them. It makes August a really productive and fun month!

And to finish, a few good blog posts:

Jen from Journal Wild is making an excellent point: Create first, consume later. So true! It's turning my journaling practice around!

- Caylee Grey has a very interesting take on Morning Pages. I'm definitely juggling with my journal and to-do lists too first thing in the morning.

- If you ever wanted to start collage, Jamie Ridler covered the basics for you here.

- If you've ever struggled with depression, Samie Kira from Journal Girl wrote a very powerful blog post about her struggle and you can follow her artful adventures on her blog. Art has such a healing power...

Sabrina S.

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