These days...


I thought I could share a few things that have been going on lately in my side of the world. 

- Learning & discovering. A few weeks back Hannah Marcotti proposed a class called "Surrender." The class finished a few days ago, but I'm half way through. I take my time with this one. It's one the best classes I've taken in a long while. It made me write a lot and I fell in love with my journal, a thin Moleskine: 
I found this idea on Pinterest to stick washi tape on the edges of the pages. Definitely something I'll do again:
And finally, this class made me play with cutting and pasting things from magazines, something I had never done before but that I'll continue to do:

- Goal setting. I discovered this website, Go Mighty, to set goals and keep track, but also connect with people with similar goals. I find it really useful. You can find me here.

- Reading. I just bought Natalie Goldberg's The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language. And as every single book by Natalie Goldberg, I'm discovering new layers to a regular practice of writing. It made me want to make a retreat someday. 

Sabrina S. 

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